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Re: Suggestions for http://www.debian.org/ home page

  James>  cern-httpd asks (or at least it asked me) if you want to setup a
  James> web page, location, etc.  It asks the path and stuff.  One needs to
  James> have a httpd server installed to have a normal local web page. The
  James> alternative is just a html file that is called as the argument to a
  James> web browser:
  James> 		lynx /usr/local/lib/html/startup.html
  James> as opposed to one with httpd:
  James> 		lynx (opens http://localhost/startup.html)

Nope. The URL standard offers
so your example would go as

Here's a piece from my /etc/lynx.cfg just does just that.

# STARTFILE is the default URL if none is specified on the command line
# note: these files can be remote (http://info.cern.ch/default.html)
# or local (file://localhost/DIRECTORY/FILENAME
#  replace DIRECTORY with the current directory path and
#  FILENAME with the name of the file.
#  file://localhost/dua#/DIRECTORY/FILENAME on VMS systems.)

Dirk Eddelbuettel		                   

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