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Re: Suggestions for http://www.debian.org/ home page

> > [repeats someone's earlier suggestion for a debian user local home page]
> This has been done, there is a default web page on my computer now.

I don't follow that "this has been done".  Do you mean that I should
now have a default debain user home page on my recently-installed
0.93R6 system?  If so, where is it?

> But the web browsers (well, lynx at least) ask you what you want the
> default to be.  Perhaps it would be nice to have 
> 	1) Use the default web page URL on this system.
> 	2) Enter another default web page URL.

Yes.  Lynx, for example, prompts on installation:

   Please enter Lynx's default URL to use if none is given
   Default is http://www.debian.org/

That's not terribly useful for a user who hasn't set anything up
locally and has a system which is not net-connected.

I'd like to see a debian-provided local home page be the install-time 
setup default, possibly with the user able to override that by providing
an alternate (or perhaps alternative ;-) filename.

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