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Re: RFS: capbattleship/1.0~alpha4-1 -- pirate battleship board game

Hi Fabien,

The package looks nice. I have a few remaining comments, mostly
minor/pedantic ones, before I upload it.

We usually do not document the licence (or the lack thereof) of the
license files themselves.

In the changelog file, which is much clearer now, I think a single line
with "Initial packaging (Closes: #xxxxxx)" would be enough.

In the control file, you should write one build dependency per line, as
for regular dependencies.
In addition, it would be nice to sort dependencies by alphabetical order
(with the special ones, such as ${misc:Depends}, at the end).

While looking at the package, I realised that in the setup.py file, the
version number is 0.0.8, whereas the upstream version is 1.0~alpha8.

Best regards,

Le 06/12/2020 à 01:32, Fabien Givors (Debian) a écrit :
> Hi Vincent,
> Many thanks for your thorough review of the package!
> I believe I've fixed almost all of the issues you reported, and I have
> some questions concerning the two others.
>> debian/copyright:
>> - assets/fonts/DejaVuSans.ttf embedded license information contains
>> additional copyright by Tavmjong Bah.
> For this file (which is taken from debian's fonts-dejavu-core
> package), I copied the /u/s/d/fonts-dejavu-core/copyright entry.
> Should I add an entry about Tavmiong Bah?
>> - files in locale/ have copyright notices different from what you wrote
>> (fr, en) and some have template notices without any name or year (.pot
>> file, de, it, nb_NO).
> Here, upstream (me) uses a collaborative platform to ease the
> translation (weblate). There, contributors accept to put their
> contributions on MIT license. Rather than keeping tracks of the
> copyright in the .po/.pot files, contributors are listed in LICENSE
> file. Now all the translators are listed.
> Should I try to convince upstream (heh) to keep the headers from the
> .po/.pot files up-to-date?
> The url of the package still is:
> https://mentors.debian.net/package/capbattleship/
> And the respective dsc file can be found at:
> https://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/c/capbattleship/capbattleship_1.0~alpha8-1.dsc
> Changes I've made can be tracked here:
> https://salsa.debian.org/captnfab-guest/capbattleship/-/commits/debian/
> Before receiving your review, I made a few changes to the packaging,
> mainly because of new upstream releases. You'll find them with:
>    git diff 971c236c f4079e62 -- debian/
> Or you can go here and search for "debian/" (not sure if I can limit
> the diff to a directory)
> https://salsa.debian.org/captnfab-guest/capbattleship/-/compare/971c236c...f4079e62#9c96da0e9f91d7d8937b69b524702c106258f0d1
> Fixes from your review are commit b6f05757 and following.
> Thanks again,
> Best,

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