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Re: RFS: capbattleship/1.0~alpha4-1 -- pirate battleship board game

Hi Vincent,

Many thanks for your thorough review of the package!

I believe I've fixed almost all of the issues you reported, and I have some questions concerning the two others.

- assets/fonts/DejaVuSans.ttf embedded license information contains
additional copyright by Tavmjong Bah.
For this file (which is taken from debian's fonts-dejavu-core package), I copied the /u/s/d/fonts-dejavu-core/copyright entry.
Should I add an entry about Tavmiong Bah?

- files in locale/ have copyright notices different from what you wrote
(fr, en) and some have template notices without any name or year (.pot
file, de, it, nb_NO).
Here, upstream (me) uses a collaborative platform to ease the translation (weblate). There, contributors accept to put their contributions on MIT license. Rather than keeping tracks of the copyright in the .po/.pot files, contributors are listed in LICENSE file. Now all the translators are listed. Should I try to convince upstream (heh) to keep the headers from the .po/.pot files up-to-date?

The url of the package still is:

And the respective dsc file can be found at:

Changes I've made can be tracked here:

Before receiving your review, I made a few changes to the packaging, mainly because of new upstream releases. You'll find them with:

   git diff 971c236c f4079e62 -- debian/

Or you can go here and search for "debian/" (not sure if I can limit the diff to a directory)


Fixes from your review are commit b6f05757 and following.

Thanks again,

fabien (captnfab)

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