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Action needed: RC bugs in games-team packages

Hi all,

we are approaching the end of the release cycle. The soft freeze will be on
12.02.2021. All packages which are not in testing at this date won't be part of
Debian 11.

I intend to request the removal of the following games or binary packages from
Debian in one month, if I hear no objections. If you agree with the course of
action, no further feedback is required. However if you intend to fix those RC
bugs before the soft freeze, please let me know before the end of January 2021.
I will also ping all RC bug reports soon and add a link to this conversation.

1. #697615 [S|  |  ] [adanaxisgpl] adanaxisgpl: contains (possibly modified)
embedded copy of Ruby 1.8.4

I had a look at it but I believe it is too much work to port adanaxisgpl to the
latest ruby version in Debian and remove the embedded code copy.

2. #900890 [S|  |  ] [src:jugglemaster] jugglemaster is dead upstream

Nobody complained to the removal of jugglemaster, so I think it is time to do
it now.

3. #936796 [S|  |♔] [src:kiki-the-nano-bot] kiki-the-nano-bot: Python2 removal
in sid/bullseye

Porting the game to Python 3 appears to be rather time consuming. Last upstream
release was 10 years ago. If nobody steps forward, it is probably better to
remove it.

4. #938509 [S|  |♔] [src:snowballz] snowballz: Python2 removal in sid/bullseye

The same goes for snowballz. Must be ported to Python 3.

5. #943027 [S|  |=♔] [src:fretsonfire] fretsonfire: Python2 removal in

I will request the removal of fretsonfire. My current plan is to package fofix
https://github.com/fofix/fofix/ and reintroduce it to Debian again. The Python
3 port is promising but not finished yet. The project is not very active
though, so I'm not sure when and if at all we can expect a Python 3 port in the
near future.

6. #961932 [S|  |  ] [nethack-lisp] nethack-lisp: broken and unmaintained

The nethack-lisp binary package of src:nethack is broken. I intend to remove it
because this is basically a Debian specific fork and I don't think there is
someone who wants to maintain it. Please prove me wrong.

There are more RC bugs but it looks like some of them could be fixed in time. A
removal from Debian is not really necessary at the moment. I also intend to
keep renpy for now. Although the Python 3 port is incomplete, there is a chance
it could be finished for Debian 12, so removing and then reintroducing the
package would just be more work for the ftp team.

Happy Christmas


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