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Re: Trigger Rally: Update to SDL2 library ok?

On Wed, 02 Nov 2016 at 22:11:32 +0100, Onsemeliot wrote:
> But if an
> earlier release would be better we can still change our plan ...

It's always good to "release early and often" if you can. If you're
making significant changes that are going to need packaging changes or
more testing than usual (like moving from SDL 1.2 to 2), would it be
feasible to do alpha/beta releases (clearly labelled as not the
stable/recommended release if they aren't something you want most of your
player base to be using), leading up to the release you want in Debian 9,
and ask an interested Debian contributor to upload them to experimental?

(Sorry, that Debian contributor is not going to be me - racing games
are not really my genre.)

Unlike unstable, packages in experimental don't migrate to testing
for inclusion in the next Debian stable release: when an experimental
version is considered good enough to go to testing, a packager needs
to bump up the version number and upload it to unstable, like I did
between https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/iortcw versions 1.42d+dfsg1-2 and
-3. This makes experimental a suitable place to put snapshots, development
branches, and other software that can't be supported long-term.


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