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Re: Trigger Rally: Update to SDL2 library ok?


On 02/11/16 18:09, Onsemeliot wrote:
> a few weeks ago we agreed on doing a final new release of Trigger Rally
> before the Debian freeze date in December. Originally we planed to just
> add new levels, sprites and maybe cars. Now my colleague asked if it
> would be a problem to update the code for using the newer SDL2 (instead
> of SDL 1.2).
> Please give feedback if this would be a problem for getting everything
> done in time to include the most recent version of the game into Debain
> Stretch?:
> https://sourceforge.net/p/trigger-rally/discussion/527953/thread/556bbcea/
> In an other thread we discuss the switch from TinyXML-1 to TinyXML-2. I
> hope this isn't a problem either:
> https://sourceforge.net/p/trigger-rally/discussion/527953/thread/31cc9358/

I don't think those will be that much of a problem. As long as all the
bugs are ironed out and you make a release by mid-Decemberish, you
should be OK. Obviously releasing earlier would make it easier for Debian :)


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