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Re: LordsAWar! version 0.3.0 released

On 7/2/2015 at 3:34 PM, "Markus Koschany" <apo@gambaru.de> wrote:
>I have
>disabled the sound at build time now due to the gstreamermm issue 
>you are right, it's not a real problem.

I'm told that it won't be too much work to go from gstreamermm-0.1 to gstreamermm-1.0, so hopefully it will work sooner than later.

>I have only two questions left apart from the other two bug 
>reports I've
>1. I installed all the locales to /usr/share/locale but the in-
>game menu
>still appears in English although my system is localized to 
>Any ideas what went wrong? How can I enable the in-game 

As you already noticed, things are a bit wonky wrt translations.  Try changing <d_lang> in ~/.lordsawarrc.  I know it's not the right thing to do, but it might help.

>2. The lordsawar-upgrade-file binary comes without a man page. 
>Where can
>I find more information about this tool? Is it useful for "normal"
>users? I can write a man page, that shouldn't be too difficult but 
>not sure yet if we should ship this tool at all.

lordsawar-upgrade-file is a backwards compatibility tool to drag old versions of lordsawar files forward to the newest version.
Normal users don't need it, and you don't have to package it.



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