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Re: Concern about racism and sexism in Supertuxkart 0.9


>> If we went this route, we'd soon replace Tux as the Linux mascot because
>> it expressly depicts a male penguin that raped a female duck. That's far
> Is that really so? Tux expressly depicts a male penguin that raped a
> female duck? Do you have any URL that talks about that, I honestly
> didn't know about that story, and it kind of upsets me if it is so,

No, it is not. At least not in such an exaggerated way.

In fact, it depicts the child of a female duck who raped a male penguin.
This is told by Linus Torvalds in his famous book "Just for Fun"; I do
not find that quote online except for a German translation on Wikipedia.

Some more elaboration on Tux being a good mascot for its "sex appeal"
can be found at

In any case, my exaggeration worked out in that someone started thinking
about it.

One more side note: Has anyone thought of Penny (in SupertuxKart) as
being a symbol for emancipation and equality> Doesn't it *also* show in
some way that there has to be a female counterpart to the male Tux, and
that this female counterpart is as cool as her male colleagues?

We have now proven that the discussion will lead to ridiculous stories.


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