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Re: Concern about racism and sexism in Supertuxkart 0.9


>> So I ask you, are women in bikinis illegal in the US?
>> I fear not.
> It's not the last time I looked! :)

So I see no reason to look at the Supertuxkart issue from any other side
than being fit for children. As far as that is concerned, I do not even
think that girls in bikinis are something that would make a game unfit
for children of any age.

If we went this route, we'd soon replace Tux as the Linux mascot because
it expressly depicts a male penguin that raped a female duck. That's far
more sexist than the imagery in Supertuxkart, because it carries an
*attitude* in a very dangerous way, namely projected onto animals, which
removes any sense of ethical considreation from the picture and thus
makes it more tolerable when in fact, it isn't.

My point is not to remove Tux, but to show how ridiculous this can get,
and that in my point of view, the power that goes into discussions like
that should better go into something that *really* fights *real* sexism.


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