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Re: Concern about racism and sexism in Supertuxkart 0.9

2015-05-03 20:57 GMT+02:00 Dominik George <nik@naturalnet.de>:
>> Is that really so? Tux expressly depicts a male penguin that raped a
>> female duck? Do you have any URL that talks about that, I honestly
>> didn't know about that story, and it kind of upsets me if it is so,
> No, it is not. At least not in such an exaggerated way.
> In fact, it depicts the child of a female duck who raped a male penguin.
> This is told by Linus Torvalds in his famous book "Just for Fun"; I do
> not find that quote online except for a German translation on Wikipedia.

Sorry, but I find all of this very upsetting. Do you mean this?

„Aber Linus wollte keinen x-beliebigen Pinguin. Sein Pinguin sollte
glücklich aussehen, so als hätte er gerade eine Maß Bier genossen und
den besten Sex seines Lebens gehabt. […] Er sollte unverwechselbar
sein. Deshalb […] hat das Linux-Maskottchen einen orangefarbenen
Schnabel und orangefarbene Füße, so dass es wie ein Pinguin aussieht,
dessen Mutter eine Ente war. Als hätte Daisy Duck sich auf einer
Antarktis-Kreuzfahrt vergessen und einen wilden One-Night-Stand mit
einem einheimischen Federvieh gehabt.“ – Torvalds, Linus: Just for Fun
S. 151
( http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tux_%28Maskottchen%29 )

Automatic Translation:
But Linus did not want any old penguin. His penguin should look happy,
as if he had just enjoyed a mug of beer and had the best sex of his
life. [...] It should be distinctive. Therefore, [...] has the Linux
mascot an orange beak and orange feet, so that it looks like a
penguin, whose mother was a duck. As Daisy Duck would be forgotten on
an Antarctic cruise and had a wild one-night stand with a local


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