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Re: Cube Trains

On Sun, Jun 15, 2014 at 2:50 PM, Martin Quinson <martin.quinson@loria.fr> wrote:
> On Sat, Jun 14, 2014 at 11:08:07PM -0700, Vincent Cheng wrote:
>> Hi Miriam,
>> (I'm cc-ing Martin as he's the other active frogatto maintainer, and
>> has previously expressed interest in packaging Cube Trains, but I'm
>> not sure if he's subscribed to the list.)
> Indeed. I'm interested, but not on the list.
>> On Sat, Jun 14, 2014 at 8:14 AM, Miriam Ruiz <miriam@debian.org> wrote:
>> > Yup, easier said than done. I'm not familiar with the engine myself,
>> > and I don't know if it might need modifications for the different
>> > games, or can be used "as is" and just parametrized ia API calls or
>> > configuration files. I don't really have time to learn to develop in a
>> > new game engine, so, while it's a cool goal to consider, it's not
>> > among my highest priorities at the moment.
>> AFAIK, Frogatto upstream split off the core engine used in Frogatto
>> (some time after releasing 1.3.1 which is what we currently have in
>> Debian, and is the latest stable release upstream) and labelled it
>> "Anura", and supposedly made it modular enough that other games (e.g.
>> Cube Trains) and Frogatto itself can use the same codebase.
>> I'd definitely support eventually packaging Frogatto's core engine and
>> moving it to main, but of course we need a game with free art assets
>> and data packaged first. Does Cube Trains come with DFSG-free assets?
>> (I haven't looked it up myself yet). I'd be inclined to leave
>> frogatto+frogatto-data in contrib until the next upstream frogatto
>> release (which I think is preferable to packaging an unreleased
>> version directly from upstream git) before migrating them to depend on
>> the packaged version of Anura.
>> Just to be clear, I don't really have the time to package Anura
>> myself, or manage/coordinate the transition for frogatto, so if anyone
>> else is up to doing the work, please go ahead. :)
> I agree with the whole idea here. Also interested, also short in time.
> But I think that the ball is kinda on the upstream side for now. They
> are hard working at frogatto 4 currently, which should land in GPL on
> Steam by mid or end 2014. I guess that they will not do any release of
> anura before this happens, as they will certainly add stuff and fix
> bugs in the engine in the process of doing their next big version.
>> > The question now would be, should I add my package to SVN, try to
>> > clean it up there and upload to the archive with an embedded copy of
>> > the engine, while keeping in mind that it would be nice to fix it in
>> > the future, or I just leave it out of Debian repos until we define a
>> > strategy to do it?
>> Either packaging Cube Trains with the embedded engine, or packaging
>> Cube Trains's data separately from the core engine (and packaging the
>> engine as well), would be ok with me. I guess it depends on whether
>> anyone plans on packaging any other games that depend on Anura?
> Last time I checked, CT was using a modified version of the engine.
> The modification was so trivial that DDR (the author of CT) was
> planing to fix the stuff in anuera itself, but still.

Right, the fact that Cube Trains is using a (slightly) modified
version of the engine is why I'd prefer to wait until a stable release
of Anura is out that both Frogatto and Cube Trains can support.

> As a concluding remark, you should really talk to the upstream authors
> on their IRC channel about your plan. They can tell you wether it's
> worth to start packaging stuff right now. They are really welcoming
> and nice. #frogatto on freenode. I'm emptty in there, often lurking
> but rarely talking.


Martin, you should come and lurk on #debian-games as well, I promise
we won't bite. :)


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