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Re: Cube Trains

Hi Miriam,

(I'm cc-ing Martin as he's the other active frogatto maintainer, and
has previously expressed interest in packaging Cube Trains, but I'm
not sure if he's subscribed to the list.)

On Sat, Jun 14, 2014 at 8:14 AM, Miriam Ruiz <miriam@debian.org> wrote:
> Yup, easier said than done. I'm not familiar with the engine myself,
> and I don't know if it might need modifications for the different
> games, or can be used "as is" and just parametrized ia API calls or
> configuration files. I don't really have time to learn to develop in a
> new game engine, so, while it's a cool goal to consider, it's not
> among my highest priorities at the moment.

AFAIK, Frogatto upstream split off the core engine used in Frogatto
(some time after releasing 1.3.1 which is what we currently have in
Debian, and is the latest stable release upstream) and labelled it
"Anura", and supposedly made it modular enough that other games (e.g.
Cube Trains) and Frogatto itself can use the same codebase.

I'd definitely support eventually packaging Frogatto's core engine and
moving it to main, but of course we need a game with free art assets
and data packaged first. Does Cube Trains come with DFSG-free assets?
(I haven't looked it up myself yet). I'd be inclined to leave
frogatto+frogatto-data in contrib until the next upstream frogatto
release (which I think is preferable to packaging an unreleased
version directly from upstream git) before migrating them to depend on
the packaged version of Anura.

Just to be clear, I don't really have the time to package Anura
myself, or manage/coordinate the transition for frogatto, so if anyone
else is up to doing the work, please go ahead. :)

> The question now would be, should I add my package to SVN, try to
> clean it up there and upload to the archive with an embedded copy of
> the engine, while keeping in mind that it would be nice to fix it in
> the future, or I just leave it out of Debian repos until we define a
> strategy to do it?

Either packaging Cube Trains with the embedded engine, or packaging
Cube Trains's data separately from the core engine (and packaging the
engine as well), would be ok with me. I guess it depends on whether
anyone plans on packaging any other games that depend on Anura?


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