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Re: Cube Trains

On 15.06.2014 08:08, Vincent Cheng wrote:
> I'd definitely support eventually packaging Frogatto's core engine and
> moving it to main, but of course we need a game with free art assets
> and data packaged first. Does Cube Trains come with DFSG-free assets?

Ok, you made me look. The license is GPL-3 for source code and assets.
Only the base-pack is GPL-3. The new files from the expansion pack are
non-free. However that should be enough content to call it a game.

> (I haven't looked it up myself yet). I'd be inclined to leave
> frogatto+frogatto-data in contrib until the next upstream frogatto
> release (which I think is preferable to packaging an unreleased
> version directly from upstream git) before migrating them to depend on
> the packaged version of Anura.
> Just to be clear, I don't really have the time to package Anura
> myself, or manage/coordinate the transition for frogatto, so if anyone
> else is up to doing the work, please go ahead. :)

I just tried the following and it works:

1. Install only the frogatto package without frogatto-data
2. Rename and update the frogatto wrapper script to cube-trains and
   point to a different data directory
3. Copy data, images, modules, music, utils and master-config.cfg from
   cube-trains to the new data directory
4. Play the game

I haven't done extensive testing yet but it seems this is the simplest
case where you just have to update a wrapper script and move the content
to another directory.

>> The question now would be, should I add my package to SVN, try to
>> clean it up there and upload to the archive with an embedded copy of
>> the engine, while keeping in mind that it would be nice to fix it in
>> the future, or I just leave it out of Debian repos until we define a
>> strategy to do it?
> Either packaging Cube Trains with the embedded engine, or packaging
> Cube Trains's data separately from the core engine (and packaging the
> engine as well), would be ok with me. I guess it depends on whether
> anyone plans on packaging any other games that depend on Anura?

Based on the above experiment I suggest to rename frogatto to anura and
move it to main. Then create a new source package cube-trains, depend on
anura and also move it to main. Rename frogatto-data to frogatto, depend
on anura and keep it in non-free. I don't know about the other  anura
based games but I think with cube-trains it's already worth moving those
packages to main.



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