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Re: Unteralterbach visual novel

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W dniu 10.03.2014 02:44, Bas Wijnen pisze:

>>> I am going to start with trying to package "Bernd und das Rätsel um 
>>> Unteralterbach" - a visual novel set in present-day bavaria containing 
>>> (optional) erotic content
> The erotic content is not optional, AFAICS.  Only the abuse is optional. The
> first time you get to a point where you can see it, you have to click a button
> that says "I'm mentally ill and want to see this".  Given that these are (drawn)
> images of child abuse, I think they are actually criminal to possess in many
> countries (including mine, the Netherlands, so I have already deleted the game).
> I'm pretty sure we cannot distribute them in Debian, not even in non-free.  So
> for the rest of the post, I'm assuming that those images are not in the game.
> A more serious objection is the effect that it has on the "mentally ill" people
> that the game mentions.  I fear the effect that this game may have on them,
> could be to convince them that sex with children is not always a bad thing.  The
> fact that the children are so realistic otherwise may add to this risk that they
> may not keep fantasy and reality separate.  Their mental condition will surely
> stimulate that line of thinking.  In some cases, that may lead to more child
> abuse.  I would certainly not want to be responsible for that (in a broader
> sense than just legally).
If so, could You please report the site for takedown?

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