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Re: Unteralterbach visual novel

Bas Wijnen <wijnen@debian.org> writes:

> Summary: I've tried the game, and don't think it's suitable for
> Debian.

Thank you very much for doing so.

Especially you are to be thanked for clearly delineating facts about the
game's content, versus your subjective reaction to it.

> […] I would advise not to include this game in Debian (and not to
> spend your time on packaging it). But note that I'm not setting the
> rules here. If you feel strongly that it adds value to the system,
> feel free to explain why, and please also explain why you think that
> my objections are less important than the contributions.

Based on your description and experience of the game, I would agree

* I don't know of a policy nor legal reason to summarily reject this
  work from Debian.

* The “possession and/or distribution of images of child abuse” may be a
  legal barrier. But as you point out, that issue is not crucial for the
  more general complaint against this work's content.

* For the sociological reasons you explain, I would not want to see this
  work propagated further. I hope it does not enter Debian nor its
  servers, and I do not want the Debian project to contribute to its spread.

> Finally, I'm pleased to see someone here who is interested in packaging
> visual novels.  I like that concept, and would certainly like to see
> more of them in Debian.  Just not this one.

Yes, the screen shots look to be good-quality game illustrations. More
like that, please!

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