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Hello Debian Games Team,

I just recently arrived in #debian-games on OFTC and now I'm here.

My name is Nils Dagsson Moskopp and I am a programmer, web developer and
non-fiction writer living in Berlin. I am most comfortable writing HTML,
CSS, Python 2.x, sh and rc scripts; I also know C and some C++. I am
slightly less uncomfortable with PHP and/or JS if money is involved.

I can draw somewhat – one of my works happens to be the Minetest icon.

I also did work on a software synthesizer for 8-bit music – for a talk,
see <http://news.dieweltistgarnichtso.net/talks/music-c-compiler.html>.

I am not that interested in most video games, as I think they contain
needless grinding. However, I am interested in games with interesting
mechanics or story, like Warzone 2100 or the games by Jason Rohrer.

I am going to start with trying to package „Bernd und das Rätsel um
Unteralterbach“ – a visual novel set in present-day bavaria containing
(optional) erotic content – as soon as the author releases source code
and assets. Getting it packaged is important to me as I found that
Ren'Py makes code bit-rot fast, having contributed to a VN myself.

I am somewhat anxious about packaging Unteralterbach, as it may show –
depending on player choices – content pertaining to sexual abuse, bdsm,
consent, moral panics, slut shaming, virgin shaming, religion, etc. and
makes fun of the german federal police and several contemporary public
figures. However, I believe that the author has handled these issues in
a suitable manner, delivering a compelling story based on these themes.

As I am also interested in roguelikes, I might package one or two. Has
anyone worked on Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead? How is Brogue forthcoming?

My nick on FreeNode and many other IRC networks is “erlehmann”.

I regularly post stuff (diary, notes, talks, etc.) to

My old blog (not updated anymore) is at

Btw, I like meeting people with similar interests. If you happen to be
in Berlin some day and want to meet up for mozarella burgers with fried
egg, contact me. However, if you value saving face or a good mood more
than honesty, refrain from it – I find it important to be able to ask
openly and talk about wants and needs and discuss issues without fear.

Nils Dagsson Moskopp // erlehmann

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