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Re: hedgewars Git location

I call it "quick and dirty" because I prefer to do "git init" and "git push", not copy
(I mean on my local machines I use cp of course, but I never did it on debian machines)

scp was intended for "ssh and cp" or "scp", I don't know if they are on the same machine or not :)

I can do it, I'm able to do (if I have permissions of course)

I tried cp from /git/collab-maint to /git/pkg-games, but a symlink is already there!

locutusofborg-guest@vasks:~$ ls -l /git/pkg-games |grep hedgewars
lrwxrwxrwx  1 unera               scm_pkg-games     29 ago  5  2009 hedgewars.git -> ../collab-maint/hedgewars.git

Should I move the repository after deleting the symlink or is already ok?

I'll change the control file, do you think it is enough for a new upload? I think not :)



Il Domenica 20 Ottobre 2013 15:53, Dominik George <nik@naturalnet.de> ha scritto:

> Ok I didn't know about this quick and dirty way :)

There is nothing quick and dirty.

> I'll scp them asap!

Hmm, scp? It's a matter of ssh and cp locally ...

> I already have github accounts, I think I can do it!
> (anyway I think I'll do it tomorrow with a more decent connection!)

I propose we do that together, so I can show you what I mean ;). Catch
me on IRC or something ;).

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