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Re: hedgewars Git location


> For me is ok to move on pkg-games, I'll change control file and push
> on the new remote, no problem (I can do it tomorrow, the repository is
> rather big now for my internet connection)

you could just copy it over directly on git.debian.org,

> Anyway I don't know how to create a new git repository on pkg-games
> (I'm only a DM not a DD yet, maybe I don't have enough privileges?)

You only need an Alioth account and membership in pkg-games. It's all on the team wiki [0].

> So if you can create a new git repository I'll be happy to push
> everything there ASAP.

If you want, I can create the repository and move the contents there for


[0]: https://wiki.debian.org/Games/VCS/git

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