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Re: Music

On Tue, 17. Sep 15:53 Iwan Gabovitch <qubodup@gmail.com> wrote:
>    Are there known games in Debian with license-problematic game data? I have
>    contributed to various projects to eliminate copyright/trademark
>    problematic data in the past (SuperTuxKart, Trigger Rally) and would be
>    glad to do it again.

Apart from game data packages in our non-free section, it happens from
time to time that sound or graphic files have to be removed to make the
package comply with the DFSG. Off the top of my head I had to remove
sounds in foobillardplus and recently in marsshooter. Older packages like
bloboats are also affected. If the license situation cannot be changed,
I think replacing the music will be more favorable than removing the

>      I was thinking about creating a "games-music" package myself that
>      includes a couple of free music files of different genres. This is
>      mainly because I have to replace the whole soundtrack of M.A.R.S, a game
>      I intend to package but I think other packages like foobillardplus could
>      also recommend or depend on it.
>    Having the same music in different games is not desirable to players or
>    game creators.
>    I would instead recommend to seek varied replacement from OpenGameArt's
>    Music section [2].

One big hassle with replacing files is that you not only have to look
for free and fitting replacements but that you need to repack your
tarball, incorporate the new files, write documentation from which site
you downloaded the content or create a get-orig-source target to
recreate your original sources reliably.

I think the main benefit of a centralized games-music package is that
maintainers don't have to bother anymore with these tasks. They can
focus on more pressing packaging work. All they have to do is to add a
dependency or a recommendation to the control file and symlink the
removed sound files to files in the games-music package.

If you keep this general goal in mind, it shouldn't be too hard to find
a variety of free music files and add them to the games-music source
package and split those files in different binary packages separated and
categorized in different music genres. It's then up to the maintainer
to decide what files should be played in-game.



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