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Re: D based Games

On 17-05-13 22:03, Barry deFreese wrote:
> Again, upstream wrote these for Windows.  I think we bastardized them.  I could try to contact
> upstream if we think it is worth it.
> I do have a working a7xpg now.  Haven't heard from Peter yet..

I think upstream has basically abandoned these games. E.g. for a7xpg,
the last release was about 10 years ago :)

Most of our bastardizations are changes to get the ancient D dialect
used in these games accepted by our 'modern' D1.0 compiler. (The games
already had basic Linux support, and the Linux-specific changes were
mostly about moving files to the proper places.)

It's probably possible to take this approach for D2.0. Most of the
compilation errors seem to be fixable with simple mechanical changes.
But I know almost nothing about the D language, and there might be
semantic changes in D2.0 that aren't detected by compiler errors but
cause silent bugs. The D designer's don't seem to care much about
backwards compatibility.

Basically, unless an experienced D programmer steps up, I feel the time
has come the remove these packages.

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