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Re: D based Games

On 16.05.2013 19:00, Barry deFreese wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I am "trying" to get a little active again.  Right now I am looking at the D based games.  I was
> able to fix/build a7xpg with D v2 but am currently getting a segfault.
> Looking at some of the other games, I am seeing a lot of repeated code, especially the D->SDL stuff.
>  Wouldn't it make sense to make a separate library or something for those bindings so they didn't
> have to be fixed in every game every time?
> I am not sure I am capable of actually doing it but thought it was worth asking.

Hi Barry,

i agree with Paul here and think all this stuff should be properly fixed
by upstream.

I gave mu-cade a go and the steps to fix those packages seem to be:

1. debian/control: replace Build-Depends on gdc-v1 with gdc
2. Fix the Makefile. Most likely a Debian patch.
   I don't know why nobody used the provided ant build system before.
   Replace gdc-v1 with gdc and gdmd-v1 with gdmd.
3. Fix all compilation errors.

I am seeing a lot of patched code already and there is more work to
come. (how stable is D anyway?) I'm curious what Peter thinks about
these games.

P.S. If you really want to get active again...please consider reviewing
bouncy and funnyboat. ;-)




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