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Re: D based Games

On 16-05-13 20:10, Barry deFreese wrote:
> On 5/16/2013 1:00 PM, Barry deFreese wrote:
>> Looking at some of the other games, I am seeing a lot of repeated code, especially the D->SDL stuff.
>>  Wouldn't it make sense to make a separate library or something for those bindings so they didn't
>> have to be fixed in every game every time?
>> I am not sure I am capable of actually doing it but thought it was worth asking.

> Interestingly enough, some of the folks in the #D channel pointed me at Derelict2 which might do
> exactly what we need!?

Putting the bindings in separate packages would certainly make sense.
But at the time gdc didn't support building libraries (IIRC). I guess I
could have just shipped the source files, as they are more or less the
equivalent of C header files. I don't know what the situation today is.

I remember looking at Derelict, and it is a rather odd thing. It works
by dlopening the libraries at run-time (because the Windows D compiler
couldn't link with native libraries?) and it seemed the developers
didn't understand Unix sonames. They just told people to install the
-dev package.

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