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Re: Steam for Linux? No thanks.

> Just addressing a few of your comments below...
>>  0) I think that ITP #440607 is not suitable for this package and ITP #701157
>>     should be used instead.
> You may as well just merge the two bug reports together and be done
> with it, to show that the two of you want to see Steam packaged and
> maintained in Debian. Whatever you do, I would suggest not modifying
> old changelog entries once the package makes its way into the
> repositories.

ITP #440607 is not about native client. And package is not in archive yet.

>>  1) ./usr/lib/steam/bootstraplinux_ubuntu12_32.tar.xz
>>     This is really bad idea. I believe that this binary file should not be
>>     included in the package but should be downloaded during package installing
>>     I am not sure that debian/postinst from flashplugin-nonfree is good
>>     example but something similar could be used.
> I don't see why this is a "really bad idea". I don't see how
> downloading this tarball during postinst is any better than the
> current approach. We aren't legally prohibited from re-distributing
> this tarball as is (unlike Flash, which IIRC requires that you contact
> Adobe first for permission, or ttf-mscorefonts-installer, which you
> aren't supposed to download and use unless you own a copy of Windows
> with those fonts, etc.), so it's entirely up to the maintainer.

See point 2 for example.

>>  2) Your debian/copyright does not include information about licenses and
>>     copyright holder of libraries in bootstraplinux_ubuntu12_32.tar.xz.
>>     This could be fixed by point 1 from above.
>>     .
>>     Also it will be good idea to use forced wrapping of strings in this file to
>>     limit their length to 80 characters as usual.
>>  3) libc6 (>=2.15)
>>     Sorry, what? Program do not work with this version of libc6. In my personal
>>     packages I use a patch for ./usr/games/steam which adds
>>     /usr/lib/steam/libc6/ into LD_LIBRARY_PATH.
>>     .
>>     The contents of /usr/lib/steam/libc6/ should be downloaded during package
>>     installing if libc6 < 2.16. I use libc6 (2.17-0experimental2) from Debian
>>     experimental for this goal.
> No, that's right; it looks like upstream built their binaries on an
> Ubuntu platform (which makes sense given that they're initially
> targeting Ubuntu 12.04/12.10), and Ubuntu is currently distributing
> eglibc 2.15 on both of these releases. Please use system versions of
> libraries installed in system paths whenever possible, rather than
> installing copies of existing libs into private directories. Let's not
> try to emulate ia32-libs please. :)
> You'll notice that Michael's steam package is currently targeting
> experimental anyhow, and the package's dependencies are currently only
> satisfied in experimental.

Ups, sorry, this is my mistake. I am not at home now and was typing too fast...

Yes, libc6 (>=2.15) is correct as I see now. I prepared my packages for users
with Debian Sid and Wheezy, where libc6 (2.13-38) is used now. That is why I
remember another version.

Best regards,

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