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Re: Steam for Linux? No thanks.

Oops, forgot one last comment...

>> 2) Your debian/copyright does not include information about licenses and
>>    copyright holder of libraries in bootstraplinux_ubuntu12_32.tar.xz.
>>    This could be fixed by point 1 from above.
>>    .
>>    Also it will be good idea to use forced wrapping of strings in this file to
>>    limit their length to 80 characters as usual.

As for debian/copyright, no word wrapping please; we are legally
prohibited from modifying the license (for obvious reasons), see
clause 1.B.ii:

(ii) you may not modify the Program, except that, in the case of the
Linux version of the Program, you may modify scripts and other
documentary and graphical files, but not any files containing the term
“bootstrap” in the file name, provided that you do not modify any
icons, change any copyright or other notices, or alter this or any
other license agreement that is included with the Program, and
provided further that any modifications you make are identified by you
as modifications from the original Program provided by Valve;

IMHO I don't even think we should be adding periods in between the
lines just to satisfy lintian/DEP-5.


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