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Re: Steam for Linux? No thanks.


> (given that's it's already waiting in the NEW queue [4])
> ...
> [4] http://ftp-master.debian.org/new/steam_1.0.0.28-1.html

Vincent, thank you for a link. I was not aware of this.

Michael, I completely don't satisfied with a quality of a package which is
waiting now in NEW queue. Sorry if it annoying you, but I just want to help
to improve this package to make it more conforming to Debian standards.

Some notes after quick review:
0) I think that ITP #440607 is not suitable for this package and ITP #701157
   should be used instead.
1) ./usr/lib/steam/bootstraplinux_ubuntu12_32.tar.xz
   This is really bad idea. I believe that this binary file should not be
   included in the package but should be downloaded during package installing
   I am not sure that debian/postinst from flashplugin-nonfree is good
   example but something similar could be used.
2) Your debian/copyright does not include information about licenses and
   copyright holder of libraries in bootstraplinux_ubuntu12_32.tar.xz.
   This could be fixed by point 1 from above.
   Also it will be good idea to use forced wrapping of strings in this file to
   limit their length to 80 characters as usual.
3) libc6 (>=2.15)
   Sorry, what? Program do not work with this version of libc6. In my personal
   packages I use a patch for ./usr/games/steam which adds
   /usr/lib/steam/libc6/ into LD_LIBRARY_PATH.
   The contents of /usr/lib/steam/libc6/ should be downloaded during package
   installing if libc6 < 2.16. I use libc6 (2.17-0experimental2) from Debian
   experimental for this goal.
4) Conflicts:	steam-lib.
   Sorry, why? See: http://packages.debian.org/search?keywords=steam-lib
5) Please create a git repo with only ./debian/ directory. It will simplify
   the maintaining of the package.

Best regards,

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