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Re: Vote on NMU/commiting guidelines

On 23-08-12 09:25, Mark Page wrote:
> On the other hand, If the intention is to prevent troublemakers uploading packages, maybe the http://wiki.debian.org/Games/VCS/Guidelines guidelines will assist.

Even though I'm officially a team member, with my activity level I'm
more like any other DD. :-P But I'll respond anyway.

IMO there's no reason to protect against troublemakers. We're not
talking about adding the world as team members, but only DDs. These are
trustworthy people, who have agreed to the social contract and are
technically capable. If they purposefully destroy things, Debian has
bigger things to worry about than reverting some changes in the repository.

My vote goes to "Allow any changes, just upload and notify, don't ask".
For very invasive changes, ask and wait for a short time (like 5 days)
by uploading to the delayed queue. I would like to mention explicitly
that the delayed queue is a good way of waiting. I want people to be
able to "bugfix, upload, forget(, be notified of problems, fix them)".

I think this means my vote is A B C.


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