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Re: Vote on NMU/commiting guidelines

I don't really understand this tally sheet, but here is my opinion (not vote).

I would like to break down the strong-maintainership culture that we
currently have in Debian and this proposal seems to go the opposite

On Thu, Aug 23, 2012 at 12:10 AM, Tobias Hansen wrote:

> AB  * Info in debian/README.source overrides guidelines

Sounds good.

> AB  * Ask but don't wait for 'OK' before commiting (to VCS)

I would say just commit. We have good audit trails.

> AB  * Act on maintainer objections

s/maintainer// but sounds good.

> A   * Ask but don't wait for 'OK' before uploading, ask and wait 5 days for
> 'OK' before adding yourself to 'Uploaders'
> B   * Ask and wait 5 days for 'OK' before uploading and adding yourself to
> 'Uploaders'
> C   * Further discussion

I prefer a 'just do it' approach. We barely have enough humanpower to
keep up with our packages and any barriers to increasing that are bad.
Also 'just do it' is how the team has been organised up to now. If we
are adding all DDs to the team, they should be free to 'just do it' as
any person on the team should be.

In addition, the other day on #debian-devel we discovered that DDs not
in group pkg-games are not able to commit. It seems the alioth support
for this is buggy, looks like it doesn't add the required filesystem



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