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Nikki and the Robots – where is it stuck?

Hi everyone,

it seems that progress has stalled, so I looked again at Nikki and the
robots. A new version was put on code.joyride.de/tarballs, I
updated the dependencies (sfml-audio) in experimental and adjusted the

There are some bugs in this tarball release:
 * src/Version.hs says it is an old version (, causing the
welcome screen to say that an update is recommended. It seems that
src/Version.hs was not updated
 * some data files are not mentioned in src/rootInst/nikki.cabal, e.g.
png/tutorial/*.png and maybe more.

In March, Paul summarized the remaining steps:
The only blocker seems to be writing the debian/control file. From what
I remember, he or someone else from the Debian Games teams wanted to do
the copyright-related work (while the Haskell group takes care of the
technical issues).

There was some debate about the level of from-source-buildability
required, e.g. in 
Rhonda argued that we should not be as strict as Paul hinted at in his
mail. Also, automatic rebuilding of images is nice to have, but should
not stop us from finally getting the package in Debian.

Any volunteers for the remaining work?


Joachim "nomeata" Breitner
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