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Re: Allegro 5 review

Am 04.07.2012 00:59, schrieb Paul Wise:
> Embedded copies of (parts) of other projects:
> docs/tools/trex.*: http://tiny-rex.sourceforge.net/
> docs/src/autosuggest.js:
> http://www.codeproject.com/KB/scripting/AutoSuggestControl.aspx
> bstrlib.*: http://bstring.sourceforge.net/

They are all intended to be used like this. autosuggest.js is also mentioned in debian/copyright now.

> There are some generated files that should probably be removed from
> the upstream tarball and created at build time instead. At the very
> least the build system should automatically recreate them if they are
> missing and the Debian package should remove them before starting the
> build.
> src/scanline_drawers.c src/convert.c
> include/allegro5/opengl/GLext/*gl*_ext_alias.h
> include/allegro5/internal/aintern_convert.h
> docs/src/refman/images/*.png

They are deleted and regenerated in debian/rules now. I suggested patches to make the build system automatically generate them, but upstream didn't like them and added a shell script instead.

> docs/man/ docs/html/

They are deleted now.

> Some of the stuff looks like it might be missing source. In particular:
> addons/primitives/directx_shaders.c: contains precompiled shaders

It's not needed in Linux. Upstream doesn't want to apply a patch to tell cmake that it's only needed on Windows. I kept that patch for now and delete the file.

> allegro.pcx: some sort of 3D scene, I guess it is not meant to be
> modified, but if it is then it is missing a rendering script, a font
> and the models/textures for the rest of the scene.
> fakeamp.tga *font.tga green.tga: have some pre-rendered text in them,
> some of which look like they are vector fonts, might be missing the
> font(s) and a script to render them.
> mysha.tga and mysha256x256.png are modified versions of mysha.pcx, I
> guess these can't be built automatically though.

I could go ahead and remove all the examples using these, but they are also used by the test and changing them would make the hashes invalid. They are ugly and small enough to be comparable to images generated with rand(), which would also be sufficient for the tests. Upstream will not do anything about this and I think I won't either.

> examples/data/DejaVuSans.ttf: the source for the DejaVu font(s) are
> some fontforge files.

The one from package ttf-dejavu-core is used now.

> examples/data/haiku/*.png: look like some of them might have been
> produced in a vector image program.
> examples/data/haiku/*.ogg: source for these are .wav files and are in
> the tarball linked from here:
> http://www.allegro.cc/forums/thread/602636/844773
> demos/a5teroids/data/sfx/game_music.ogg: sounds like it was made from
> something else.

The files are now all deleted in debian/rules. One can argue if these are in conflict with the DFSG, so I hope I won't have to repack the tarball.

I uploaded a new package:


The respective dsc file can be found at:

Would you sponsor that Paul?

Best regards,
Tobias Hansen

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