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review of uhexen2 package

Hi Gustavo,

As requested on IRC - in future please build a package and put it somewhere e.g.
mentors.debian.net, and add it to <http://wiki.debian.org/Games/Sponsors/Queue>.
You could also CC the ITP bug #632376.  Oh, actually, do you intend to maintain
this as part of the games team? I see games team is not in the Maintainer field.

It took me a while to remember where you'd pinged me to look at this :)

 • the upstream version has .dfsg suffix but I can't find an indication
   of what needed to be changed. README.source appears to be the dh_make
   default. Could you document what changes are made to the upstream
   source here?

 • it would be nice to have a build target to automatically build a .dfsg
   source tarball.  I notice that the installdocs override explicitly ignores
   e.g. dos, win32 folders… they could be stripped from the upstream source
   too (since you are modifying it already) - aha! I've just found source-cleaner.sh.
   Some explanation for what is being removed / why would be nice (LICENSE.txt?!)

   There has been some interesting recent discussion on -devel about extending
   uscan to support auto-stripping upstream sources according to some rules.
   It would be worth keeping an eye on these developments.

 • the rules file is pretty big (for a dh rules file!) Some of those comments
   could surely be removed. Are all of those 'cleans' needed in the build
   target? I guess so, but that points at horrors in the upstream Makefile…
   Could that be fixed?

 • parallel builds are not supported. Please consider appending --parallel to
   dh build options, e.g. dh $@ --parallel, although since you override the
   build target, more work might be required there.

 • A bunch of lintian errors relating to hardening flags. (hardening-no-relro
   and hardening-no-fortify-functions).  It might be worth reading the long
   descriptions for these lintian errors.  I see you've done some work to
   support hardening flags already.

 • The package cannot be used without any game data, but there's no package
   dependency on a data package. (Of course there is no data package presently).
   We should extend game-data-package to support Hexen 2 data, and add Suggests:
   game-data-packager to the uhexen2 package.

   I've started looking at providing hexen2 support in game-data-packager. There
   was, apparently, a hexen2 demo, which uhexen2 supports, so that might be
   something we can distribute in non-free.  Although, sadly, as far as I can see,
   there was no explicit demo license or distribution terms, and the bundled
   "HEXEN II SUBLICENSE.doc" is the EULA for Hexen 2 proper, which makes it non-
   redistributable amongst other things.

 • because it can't be used without external data, it should be in section
   contrib/games, rather than main/games (or 'games', main implied)

OK! I will have more in the future. I haven't actually got the resulting thing to
run properly, need to fiddle with where to put my game data.

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