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Re: Nikki and the Robots – where is it stuck?

Hi Joachim!

On 08/05/2012 04:50 PM, Joachim Breitner wrote:
> There are some bugs in this tarball release:
>  * src/Version.hs says it is an old version (, causing the
> welcome screen to say that an update is recommended. It seems that
> src/Version.hs was not updated

Hmm, I don't now how that happened. I've removed the tarball
(with the wrong version file) and uploaded a new file that
should be correct.

>  * some data files are not mentioned in src/rootInst/nikki.cabal, e.g.
> png/tutorial/*.png and maybe more.

Everything should be ok in
Thanks for the reports.


(I'm not on the debian lists -- please CC me.)

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