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Re: Re: Analysis of "Nikki and the Robots" dependencies


 Sorry for jumping in late, but:

* Iwan Gabovitch <qubodup@googlemail.com> [2012-03-21 16:30:56 CET]:
> I try to take care of license issues on Nikki and the Robots. I'm also
> involved with many open source game projects in small ways, for example I
> helped replacing non-DFSG-compatible sounds in SuperTuxKart [1] amd I'm
> trying to clean out all license-unknown files from Trigger Rally [2].

 What's the deal with nikki's game data?  According to the LICENSE file
it's covered under CC-BY-SA-3.0, but the following discussion about
preferred source format makes it sound like it has been put under GPL
restrictions, but I don't see that?  How come, am I missing something
here?  Did something get mixed in someone's thoughts?

> On Wed, Mar 21, 2012 at 12:53 PM, Sönke Hahn <shahn@cs.tu-berlin.de> wrote:
> > Decide if the situation with the audio is DFSG-acceptable. Basically
> > the audio has been produced with a program (bxfr) that cannot be built
> > in Debian since it uses ActionScript 3 and only builds with non-free
> > Adobe software.
> Some sounds were made using bfxr, others are edited own sound recordings.
> One file that has been taken from another project (cc0/pd) is now noted in
> our data license file [3]
> [3] http://code.joyridelabs.de/nikki/data/LICENSE
> > This means it is currently not possible to modify the
> > audio source files and rebuild them on Debian. Something like csound
> > might be more appropriate and more flexible.
> Most projects in Debian that provide a kind of sources for sounds simply
> include loss-less wave files (which we also do, we use .wav in-game). We
> could settle on that the .wav files are the preferable form for making
> changes.
> Rejecting bfxr-made audio files would however mean that using less flexible
> methods of sound creation (which would make 'providing the source' an
> unreasonable request) or hiding sources makes it easier to get their game
> data into Debian's repos easier, if sources are in an open format (bfxr's
> files are plaintext) which has no free and open source implementation.

 I am with Iwan here and see no issues with accepting the wav files as a
good source for the sounds.  If that isn't acceptable then we are in
much bigger troubles and should pull a LOT of packages from the archive,
not block nikki from entering, it would just look strange and lying to
our own rules.

> > Figure out how to build the images from source, currently there are no
> > scripts for that even though the source for (some of?) the images is
> > in the tarball.
> All sources are there but the images were mouse/tablet-drawn as pixmaps
> (which is the common way of creating pixel art) and hand exported (cut and
> saved as png). Both sources and images used in-game are in binary format
> (.xcf/.png), with the exception of the icon file (.svg).

 xcf is definitely as much source as you can get for an image, and for
pixel art png is just as good because it's lossless the original.  I
don't see any issue here neither.

> I am very interested in open source game licensing and would appreciate
> links to any Debian guidelines for anything related to game/audio/image/3d
> model data related on Debian's guidelines.

 There is nothing specific to that because actually after a vote a few
years ago everything within Debian is considered under the umbrella of
software, there is nothing special when it comes to game/audio/image/3d
model data with respect to the DFSG.  As long as all rights that the
DFSG require are granted there is no issue.

P.S.: If we reject packages with flattened images/encoded music files
   from the pool it will be reduced by a huge amount, starting off with
   all povray rendered images or photoshopped ones, and probably all
   mp3/ogg files, though probably only those where upstream was silly
   enough to choose GPL for its licensing.
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