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Re: SDL games not restoring the previous multi-head setup

I demand that Emmanuel Kasper may or may not have written...

[SDL breaking multi-head setups]
> As a co maintainer of a SDL program starting fill screen by default, the
> mame arcade emulator, I would like to have your feed back on that one.

> If you start mame and then exit it, does it breaks your multi head setup?
> If yes then I would change the default startup mode to windowed mode. I
> don't have a multi head set up to test.

MAME is evidently one of the good ones: it doesn't break things at all. It
leaves the second monitor (I have two) on; ltrace shows that, while it does
actually set full-screen mode, the mode which it requests is 2560×1024, which
exactly covers both monitors. (Both are 1280×1024; I don't know how it would
handle it if they were mismatched. I suspect that it would cope well...)

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