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SDL and multiscreen

Le 28/05/2011 15:23, Darren Salt a écrit :
I've had enough problems with games (usually SDL-using ones) starting in
full-screen mode then NOT RESTORING THE PREVIOUS SETUP ON EXIT, effectively
switching from multi-head to single-head, such that my answer to this is:
    _   _  ___  _
   | \ | |/ _ \| |
   |  \| | | | | |
   | |\  | |_| |_|
   |_| \_|\___/(_)

Yes, it's trivially fixable with xrandr (and I have a shell script for that),
but then I usually still need to move windows back to where I want them.

I shouldn't need to do that.

As a maintainer of a game (upstream) which uses SDL :
1/ I am interested in your script to fix this problem (even if the game runs on MS windows too, so the xrandr solution is only a partial workaround)

2/ afaik, SDL 1.2(.14) does not handle multiscreen correctly, so i am just waiting for SDL-1.3 (june 2011 iirc) which should solve this problems definitely.

Best regards
Alain .

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