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Re: Adding game into repos

On 07/16/10 22:19, Scott Howard wrote:

I would definitely check out widelands, they do pretty much what you should do.

Thanks a lot i learned a lot today
Great! It's good to have your help with maintenance too. Feel free to
find other games packages with bugs or in need of help and see what
you can do with them. Also, subscribe to debian-mentors if you have
not yet, you'll see lots of comments that could help you in the

Hi Scott and others

I just did it :-D now i have a data package and a normal one.

When i was checking the widelands control file i began to think if i need all the build depencies cause it is a python program and they dont need to be "maked" or anything.

Maybe you can give me a hint:

Current build dep:

Build-Depends: debhelper (>= 7.0.50~), python-support, python (>=2.5), python-pygame(>= 1.8),python-pyglet(>= 1.1.2)

The game needs pygame and pyglet install to run but i think as it is a python program there is nothing to build at all but i know to less about the debian auto build process to answer that question


Also both packages are lintian --pedantic -I clean

The data package has only 1 dep: ${misc:Depends} (as seen in widelands) what does this mean ?

And what does ${shlibs:Depends} mean (was in the template of the control)

Thanks a lot guys

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