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Re: Adding game into repos

On 07/16/10 19:48, Scott Howard wrote:
On Fri, Jul 16, 2010 at 12:42 PM, manuel<linuxuser-sky@gmx.de>  wrote:
I tested 2 files the dsc and the deb file. The dsc is clean but the deb
produces an error:
If you run lintian on the .changes file it will scan the source
package and the binary packages, it's a nice shortcut instead of doing
each one individually.

nice tipp thanks :-)

Sorry for sending it to your personal email scott the buttons in icedove are not really good organiesd :-(
manuel@think:~/Python/new/workspace/deb$ lintian --pedantic -I -i
I: pyksoko: arch-dep-package-has-big-usr-share 4040kB 100%
The warning you are getting is just informational (that's what the "I"
before it means, and the -I tag to lintian). Many sponsors prefer
packages to be clean of -I warnings before uploading, but some don't.
When you maintain your own packages you should consider fixing the -I
warning unless it is prohibitively difficult or there is a pressing
bug/security fix you are trying to push.

The warning you are getting specifically is this:
(it's good to look up what the tags mean when you get a warning on
that site, they have hits on how to fix it)

"It is not uncommon to have a large amount of architecture-independent
data packaged with a program. For example, audio files, a collection
of icons, wallpaper patterns, or other graphic files. If the size of
this data is negligible compared to the size of the rest of the
package, it's probably best to keep it all in a single package.

However, if the size of the data is considerable, consider splitting
it out into a separate, architecture-independent package (_all.deb).
By doing this, you avoid needless duplication of the same data into
eleven or more .debs, one per each architecture. While this adds some
extra overhead into the Packages files, it saves a lot of disk space
on Debian mirrors. Separating out architecture-independent data also
reduces processing time of lintian (see Section A.2, “Package lint
tools”) when run over the entire Debian archive. "

The whole package is 3.0 mb with is 2.6 mb data. Is this practice really advisable with that amount of data ?

The upstream source does not come separated. Can i just take the data folder and build another deb and rename it to pyksoko-data ?

This is because the game data gets installed in /usr/share

The interesting thing is sauerbraten (my ref package) does the same thing
and all the game data are in /usr/share/games/sauerbraten.
It does, but it does so in an architecture independent package:
The warning is suggesting that you do the same (but if your data is
DFSG free, then you can keep it all in the same source package)

My data is DFSG free so shall i NOT separate them in 2 packages then ?
But sauerbraten is in debian repos. Why ? is it more a warning than an error
Sauerbraten does not give this warning since it does not have a big
/usr/share in its architecture dependent package. Also, it is just a
informational warning, but it has a good point. It's good practice to
separate out architecture independent and dependent files into two
different binary packages when the package is large.

What should i do about it ?
I don't know your package, but look into creating pyksoko-data from
your source package which contains the data files to be installed in
/usr/share. For a DFSG free example, look at the "widelands" source
That source package creates binary package "widelands" with
architecture dependent (i.e. executable) files and depends on the game
data in the "widelands-data" package. You can browse their debian
directory here [1] to see how they did it.

I will try to figure out how they did it and if necessary build a data package

[1] http://svn.debian.org/viewsvn/collab-maint/deb-maint/widelands/trunk/debian/

Thanks a lot i learned a lot today

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