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Re: Adding game into repos

On Fri, Jul 16, 2010 at 3:59 PM, manuel <linuxuser-sky@gmx.de> wrote:
> The whole package is 3.0 mb with is 2.6 mb data. Is this practice really
> advisable with that amount of data ?

It is a small amount of data, but making a -data pacakge is easy
enough to do. I'd just do it as an exercise in good form and to get a
better understanding of debian packaging. If you package bigger
projects, it's good to know how to do it and it will save space.

> The upstream source does not come separated. Can i just take the data folder
> and build another deb and rename it to pyksoko-data ?

You don't need to change anything upstream. Just add a -data package
to debian/control that is arch: all and instead of making a
debian/install   file, make a debian/pyksoko-data.install and
debian/pyksoko.install    Each of those files will list which files
get installed, and the file name will tell debhelper which binary
package will contain those files. See the widelands example from the
previous email - their debian/control and their .install files

>> It does, but it does so in an architecture independent package:
>> http://packages.debian.org/sid/sauerbraten-data
>> The warning is suggesting that you do the same (but if your data is
>> DFSG free, then you can keep it all in the same source package)
> My data is DFSG free so shall i NOT separate them in 2 packages then ?

You do NOT separate them into two *source* packages, but you CAN
separate them into two *binary* packages.
the .orig.tar.gz, .debian.tar.gz, and .dsc files are the source package files
the .deb files are binary package files

Since sauerbraten is not DFSG, they need to do both two source
packages (one free one non free) and multiple binary packages from
those source packages (architecture independent and arch dependent.)

Since yours is DFSG (I am assuming, I haven't checked), then you just
need one source package and can have multiple binary packages. Your
source package's debian/control file determines what binary packages
will be built and which archs to build it on.

> I will try to figure out how they did it and if necessary build a data
> package

I would definitely check out widelands, they do pretty much what you should do.

> Thanks a lot i learned a lot today

Great! It's good to have your help with maintenance too. Feel free to
find other games packages with bugs or in need of help and see what
you can do with them. Also, subscribe to debian-mentors if you have
not yet, you'll see lots of comments that could help you in the

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