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Re: Thoughts about removing vegastrike from the archive

On 14 June 2010 09:03, Vincent Fourmond <fourmond@debian.org> wrote:
>>  Still a big step from the previous
>> 150MB in Sid, but not as much as half a GB. Reducing that further
>> would probably require upstream cooperation, or at least a developer
>> that knows its ways around graphic data compression (the graphic files
>> can't be opened in a graphic editor).
>  Try out gimp-dds (although not recommended by upstream).

Thanks. I tried reducing the size of the PNG on the biggest folder
(textures/planets), opening in GIMP, saving, then running the files
through pngcrush ( -brute option, keeps the smallest size), and
keeping only the file which ended with a smaller size. The resulting
folder is lighter (92.6MB against 118.3MB), but once compressed it
actually inflates the size of the archive (the crunched PNG folder
takes 74.5MB against 63.9MB).

While I know nothing about PNG compression, it seems to indicate
there's nothing to be gained by trying to reduce the data further (PNG
files take most of the space in the compressed archive).

>> So all in all, just going for the low hanging fruit would make it a
>> 260MB data file plus a 50MB audio file. No loss in quality, no
>> stripped-down version. However, I don't know what the maximum size
>> limit is for Debian.
>  Could you try to actually build the packages (possibly using format
> 3.0 with bzip2 compression) and say what size they are ?

I didn't build the packages, but compressing the data folder gives:
gzip: 329.6MB
bz2: 309.3MB
7z: 260.0MB

So the data package would be between 310MB and 330MB depending on the
use of either bz2 or gzip, as long as the music (possibly 50MB) is
kept separate.

I checked the vegastrike forums, and they allow use of a user's music
(through .m3u playlists apparently), which would make keeping the
music separate a sensible choice.

As far as making a small version of vegastrike, it might be long and
difficult for this kind of game (IIRC egosoft released a demo for X3
long after the game had shipped, and AFAIK LGP haven't released the
demo for Linux, only the full game). Especially if it's already hard
to find interested packagers.


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