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Quake 3 in game-data-packager

I've tried to finish off Jon's quake3 branch of game-data-packager to
support building a non-distributable quake3-data.deb that includes the
pk3 files (rather than downloading them at install time), and here's the

git://git.debian.org/users/smcv/game-data-packager.git (quake3 branch)

Hopefully this is useful to someone...

What's the plan for the future of the Quake 3 packages? Are they ever
likely to enter the archive? At the moment I'm doing occasional builds
of quake3/ioquake3 from svn for the benefit of people at the office - we
play CTF after work sometimes :-)

Please Cc me on any replies, I'm not subscribed to d-d-g.


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