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spring debian package

Hi all,
after some packaging work in spring[0] I asked on IRC how to proceed and I 
found that James Stuckey was working on it and looked at svn and then at PPA 
packages mentioned in the changelog.

However my packaging is a little different and seems to me to be more mature, 
although I think only spring (besided springlobby and content) is in a good 
shape to be alpha reviewed.

This mail is just to let debian games people that I'm interested too in having 
spring in debian and that I already reached some milestones (it builds, it 
works, lintian is not so much worried).

I patched some minor upstream code and sent patches [1] to it and I put my 
compressed debian directory on a temporary web server there [2] to let the 
interested devs to have a look until I'll "publish on mentor.d.o"/"coordinate 
there with James/anyone".

[0] http://springrts.com
[1] http://springrts.com/mantis/view.php?id=1664
[2] http://www.coralecordenonese.it/debian/spring-debian-dir.tar.gz

P.S. link 2 will not last forever.

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