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RE: Anyway I uploaded my clanlib2 to git.debian.org.(Re: I just made debian package of ClanLib 2.0.4 .)

Mark Page wrote:
> I'll have a look some time next week. Thanks

Thank you in advance.

> Just to keep you informed, ClanLib 2.0.5 should be released in a
> couple of weeks (as an estimate).

Wow, I look forward to seeing new version of ClanLib.
I've always admired of all of your works releated ClanLib.

> So it may be better to skip directly to 2.0.5.
> We have decided to drop SDL as a display target from the main package
> (because it's problematic).
> Instead, SDL will be available as a seperate add-on. (Although, there
> is no reason why anyone will need it :) )

Ok. Then I'll also consider how to treat your SDL add-on in my package
when you release.

> OpenAlchemist will require ClanLib 2.0.5 to run.
> Also, my own SuperMethaneBrothers game will require ClanLib 2.0.5 to
> run (An old version can be found at
> http://methane.sourceforge.net/ for interest.)

I'll take a look of them.


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