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GL problem


 I am not sure this is the proper list to ask my problem, so please advice me.

I have an etch based desktop where I have an ATI video card.
I have installed this package: libgl1-mesa-swx11. Because I wanted to
compile and run some OpenGL example coming with Ultimate++. Finally
the example program was working in Utlimate++.
But, this install has removed some other packages which I haven't
noticed that time (ok, shame on me).
Then the performance of GL based games, like bzflag, penguinracer has
dramatically dropped. Because of GL. Before this incident these games
were working fine.
Then after I tried to reinstall the packages that have been removed
but GL still not working as it should be.

So, I am looking for some advice how can I "restore" back to the state
my system to get hw accelerated GL working smoothly? Or what should I
check that can cause this performance drop of GL?



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