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Re: packaging sfxr

Richard Hartmann wrote:
On Mon, Nov 17, 2008 at 07:56, Paul Wise <pabs@debian.org> wrote:

How about play@lists.freedesktop.org? There is already create@l.f.o.

I was planning to go for a more descriptive name like


etc. Yours has the advantage of being more emotional & fun, though.

Can you guys chip in and do a mini-vote thing? We already lost track
of this once so I am going to create the list soonish.

I like the play@ I must admit.

vcs-pkg.org was started for this very purpose.

It is a tad Debian- and git-centric (not saying that is bad, just noting
it), but this might be a good place to:

1) keep common patchsets that can be applied over upstream

2) create new upstream sites where original upstream is dead

I believe 2 is the best to do, because then we don't need buy in from other distro's. They will sooner or later notice, or be noticed by their users that a new upstream release is out, that way we can share our work without having to actively push it. And who knows, people from all places including dyi builds of the games might go sending in patches.

This also takes away some of the security concerns. As consuming an upstream tarbal with the risk of it containing something nasty is part of the usual processes for a distro.



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