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Re: packaging sfxr

On Mon, Nov 17, 2008 at 07:56, Paul Wise <pabs@debian.org> wrote:

> How about play@lists.freedesktop.org? There is already create@l.f.o.

I was planning to go for a more descriptive name like


etc. Yours has the advantage of being more emotional & fun, though.

Can you guys chip in and do a mini-vote thing? We already lost track
of this once so I am going to create the list soonish.

> vcs-pkg.org was started for this very purpose.

It is a tad Debian- and git-centric (not saying that is bad, just noting
it), but this might be a good place to:

1) keep common patchsets that can be applied over upstream

2) create new upstream sites where original upstream is dead

The Fedora people could use a git (yah, I am starting with the
git evangelism myself and I am not even really using it..) repo
and push to their VCS from there. I suggest that one or two new
games where no patches exist anyway should be put in there.
No extra work and at worst the repo is discarded after the
patches are merged away. The 'worst' thing that needs to be
done is to keep the distro-specific stuff in seperate directories.

Hans is raising an extremely important point: Security.
All packagers have factual root on all boxes where the package
is being installed. Thus, it is probably a good idea to:

1) have at least two people, ideally from different distros, look
over all patches

2) not allow any changes to the distro-specific directories and
files from people who have not fulfilled whatever requirements
a given distro has for commit access.

As to other distros not participating: If they don't it is their
loss, not ours. From what I can see of Hans, he is as
decicated as Miry (!) so the synergic energies that can be
leveraged to create a win-win situation for all participants
should increase the profits of the fourth quarter by at least
over 9000 % ;)
Seriously though, even with only two distros involved, you
are most likely saving a lot of doubled effort, already.

I will attach the rest of my comments to specific emails,
but I needed to merge back a few thoughts into this one
so I could write one block of text about the big picture I
have in mind.


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