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Re: Git vs SVN

Eddy Petrișor wrote:
Understood and thanks.  I guess what I'm really struggling with is that I
just don't know git well enough yet to make an informed decision about it's

I need a mentor! :)

What would you like to know? Maybe we should continue this
conversation on IRC. I am confident that you'll find KiBi, myself and
Rhonda good enough to explain/tutor your git usage.

Still, I recommend you try to follow one of the multiple git tutorials
out there and try to stick with git for a week or so. If properly
done, I'm sure you'll fall in love.


I have already imported one into Git (gtkatlantic) so I've used the wiki and know enough to be dangerous. But, for example, some of the ones I'm looking at like xbl (one of Joey Hess's packages) is already in his git repo so I pulled that. But can I "easily" add the pristine-tar (or even upstream) crap somehow and then get it into ours? I can even get git-buildpackage to run on it.



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