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How to handle two repositories?

Right now we have two different repositories, SVN and git. Until now,
everything was stored in SVN, and all the packages followed a certain
policy [1] (everything in debian/, patches with quilt, debhelper and
so), so everyone knew how to manage it. With the second repository,
the git one, the games might be packaged differently to SVN ones. I
not that familiar with git (yet), fur AFAIK git might be kind of an
alternative to quilt, isn't it?

We still have to decide if the same policy that for SVN applies to the
git one. I'm a bit concerned about the team ending up with two
separate repositories handled so diferently that the learning curve
for the game develoopers would be harder. Until now, all you had to do
was download all the SVN data, change all the files, in some cases
with just a script, and it was done. I don't know how to handle those
situations now with some games in SVN and packages a certain way, and
other games in git packaged in a very different way.

As we will soon have to import quite few games to git, as they already
come from other git repositories, we should have to decide on how to
handle them. I not really that familiar with git so as to have an
opinion, so everyone is invited to step in and make suggestions. This
might be considered as a kind of reengineering process, so feel free
to throw your suggestions, whatever they are, and lets see what comes
from there. At some point we'll have to decide on a newer policy for
our repositories that handles the newer git one.


[1] http://wiki.debian.org/Games/ToolsDiscuss

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