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Debian Games homepage - what do we want?

Hey my dear team members :)

We (benoit, Baby and me) just had a small discussion on IRC about our
homepage. The initial question was, where we do want to host it (and
how we are limited or enhanced either on Alioth or an own webspace).
This lead to the question, that we should know, what we do want to see
on the homepage, I quote Baby:

< Baby> yup, but we should decide what we want and then how to
achieve ir, and not the othre way round
< Baby> 1st decide the goals and objectives, then the design and the
means to achieve them
< Baby> not defining which resources we want to use, then what goals
would lead using those resources to have

This is perfectly true, so we decided to collect some ideas and
opinions on that.

The ideas so far were:

1. games list, with screenshots and description (like wiki/Game/Foo)
2. developer list, to make it more personal and see who is responsible
for what
3. how to help (maily linklist to wiki/Games/VCS, QA page, Bugs etc)
4. request "form" (new games, backports)
5. comments on games by the users, like comments on the games page or
forums or something

I bet you have more, so please let us know (with examples, if possible).

As soon we have a kind of stable list, we (I?) will create a Wikipage,
so we have a central place for this.
After we have discussed all the needed/wanted functions, we can start
thinking about the implementation, design and hosting for that.

Thanks for reading all my shitty bits :)
Regards and let's dominate the world,

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