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Re: How to handle two repositories?

Miriam Ruiz wrote:
> Right now we have two different repositories, SVN and git. Until now,
> everything was stored in SVN, and all the packages followed a certain
> policy [1] (everything in debian/, patches with quilt, debhelper and
> so), so everyone knew how to manage it. With the second repository,
> the git one, the games might be packaged differently to SVN ones. I
> not that familiar with git (yet), fur AFAIK git might be kind of an
> alternative to quilt, isn't it?

Well I think it is an alternative the same way SVN is (and according to the
discussion it SVN is seen as no alternative). The only exception would be if the
Sourceformat3.0/git Version becomes common enough to be widely used.

> We still have to decide if the same policy that for SVN applies to the
> git one. I'm a bit concerned about the team ending up with two
> separate repositories handled so diferently that the learning curve
> for the game develoopers would be harder. Until now, all you had to do
> was download all the SVN data, change all the files, in some cases
> with just a script, and it was done. I don't know how to handle those
> situations now with some games in SVN and packages a certain way, and
> other games in git packaged in a very different way.

I personally would prefer doing it all the SVN way as it really makes sense I
guess. I have created my GIT-Repos the Way suggested in our wiki but would vote
to convert those to the SVN way although I don't quite know how this would
interact with the git-buildpackage toolchain which may be an consideration.

> As we will soon have to import quite few games to git, as they already
> come from other git repositories, we should have to decide on how to
> handle them. I not really that familiar with git so as to have an
> opinion, so everyone is invited to step in and make suggestions. This
> might be considered as a kind of reengineering process, so feel free
> to throw your suggestions, whatever they are, and lets see what comes
> from there. At some point we'll have to decide on a newer policy for
> our repositories that handles the newer git one.

> [1] http://wiki.debian.org/Games/ToolsDiscuss

With this discussion in mind I think we need to clearly state what we want to do
with the new debhelper 7 style debian/rules files which have an aim - in my
opinion - similar to cdbs.


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