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Re: -data packages and recommends?

On Thu, Feb 14, 2008 at 05:54:31PM +0000, Simon McVittie wrote:
> Since the "identity" of a game is all about the gameplay, graphics etc.,
> it might seem to make sense for the .desktop files (and possibly also
> wrapper scripts in /usr/games) to be per dataset rather than per engine,
> so your GNOME menu or whatever has separate entries for id Doom and
> Freedoom, id Quake 3 Arena and OpenArena, and so on.

I agree with this. We're working towards this with the current doom
packages. The problem is the dependency from the data package to the
engine package that would be required (since the data package would
provide the .desktop file which would not work without the binary
package, the dependency should be Depends); if the data package was
generated from commercial data the user may install it using dpkg which
wouldn't satisfy deps.

Someone suggested I look at debi/gdebi which looks pretty good for this
purpose and so I'm hoping to make game-package's default behaviour be to
install the data package it generates using debi and therefore resolve
it in one go. Although that takes the (initial) engine choice out of the
user's hands, too... (moot for doom in debian atm since there's only one
engine in the archive)

There was a recent thread on how to handle this with some other possible

> If the engines are
> basically interchangeable but just have some versions that are "better",
> they could perhaps use alternatives.

Yes this is true for doom and I think quake games at least (command line
arguments a superset of ID's engine)

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